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Shajan Jacob

[email protected]

+91 9747952378

Cochin, India



  • BlackPipe
    BlackPipe is a simple tool to expose realtime terminal outputs without sacrificing security.
  • Ace of spades
    Multiplayer online card game with flexible game support and chat.
  • Statuz
    This module helps users to get a glance of the server.
  • Happiness
    List of things that can drive you into hapiness
  • Google Assistant Commands
    List of things you can do with your google assistant.
  • Hacker News - Reader
    Minimal and simple feed UI for hackernews
  • EasyHome
    Home automation and ambient lighting dashboard for Arduino and ESP modules.
  • Familia
    Contact details, house details, relations and events manager for family.
  • Nalettes
    Repository of color palettes picked up carefully, inspired from nature.
  • Lets All Chef
    It's a food service platform that suggests, orders and guides you to make recipes. Smart companion for home cooks and professional chefs. Accomplish more in the kitchen with what you have.
  • QuickDocs
    Easy to setup API documentation template using Jekyll and Semantic UI.
  • Black Fire
    NodeJS web app framework using Express, NodeJS and MongoDB. NodeJS.
  • Sparkle
    Useful and genuine resources for developers added and maintained by developers. Built with jekyll and hosted on GH-Pages.
  • Sanz
    Minimal and responsive jekyll powered website & blog templates optimized for GH-Pages.
  • Wind Spinner
    Wind Spinner emulation in C language using OpenGL library.
  • MindPrick
    Students, syllabus, previous year question papers, time-table, attendance, feedback manager and lot more.
  • Chain Reaction
    Popular android game Chain Reaction written in HTML, CSS & JS.


  • HTML - Expert
  • CSS - Expert
  • NodeJS - Intermediate
  • MongoDB - Intermediate
  • PHP - Intermediate
  • Linux - Expert
  • JavaScript - Intermediate
  • Bootstrap - Expert
  • MySQL - Intermediate
  • jQuery - Intermediate
  • Python - Beginner
  • AngularJS - Beginner