BlackPipe is a simple tool to expose realtime terminal outputs without sacrificing security.

Install View npm package


It is better to install blackpipe globally, so that you can use it from anywhere.

npm install blackpipe -g


Piping outputs to blackpipe is easy. You can use the same bash syntax that you are familiar with.
That's easy as this.

ping localhost | blackpipe

Theres no limitation on what command's output you are piping to blackpipe. BlackPipe works with pretty much any command line tool that generates an output.

Custom session

BlackPipe uses sockets to stream data to the web page. By default, it uses a server hosted at BlackPipe allows you to pre define the session name using --session params.

nc -zv 1-1023 | blackpipe --session "mysession"

Parallel Output

If you want to output things to the stdout same time, use -o switch.

tree | blackpipe -o

Self hosted server

You can setup a blackpipe server your own if you want to. The source for blackpipe-server is available at github. To use your own server, use --host params to override default server.

tracepath | blackfire --host "

Common use cases

pm2 logs | blackpipe
tail -f /var/log/nginx/domain.access.log | blackpipe
npm build | blackpipe