Shajan Jacob

Engineer | Maker | Programmer | Photographer


I'm Shajan Jacob.

Software engineer from kochi, working as full stack developer.

MEAN stack is my playground. But I still remember the days I wrote PHP, bash, VB and lines of python. I help startup companies and local businesses to setup their online presence with custom websites and applications. As a full stack web developer, I've worked for companies like Cubet Techno Labs, Guys Who Code, MindPrick and BakeBrand. I like working with people and organizations who dare to change the world to make it a better place.

The green lines in printed circuit boards always fascinated me ever since I was a child. That's how I fell in love with electronics. Now I'm crazy about Pi and IoT. But mostly, I hang out with my friends and family, play with lights, sleep under the woods, & listen to music. When you don't find me with them, I'm making magic with machines, hacking stuff, learning things, writing blog, and getting lost on the internet.

I love what I do and always look forward to help others find what they love.


Recent Projects

Eexpose realtime terminal outputs without sacrificing security.
BlackPipe is a simple tool to expose realtime terminal output...
Ace of spades
Multiplayer online card game.
Multiplayer online card game with flexible game support and c...
Statuz page module for backend status
This module helps users to get a glance of the server.
Things that makes you happy.
List of things that can drive you into hapiness
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Say hello.

Few moments through my camera

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Recent blogs

Representing IP addresses using WS2812B
I just wanted the NodeMCU to tell me the IP through some interface without needing a computer.
REST API Guidelines
Checklist for building REST APIs
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