Last updated : 17/01/2020

I don't get queries about my work environment so often, but just in case if you want to know, here are the tools, devices and services I use to get things done. These are not the best ones, but I personally feel these very comfortable. I consider this as a checklist too.


I don't have super computers and ultra-fast processors on my desk, but these are my daily drivers.

Laptop : HP Notebook 15-AC026TX

Keyboard & Mouse : Logitech MK220

Secondary Monitor : Samsung 19.5"


Operating System : Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

I've been using ubuntu since version 10.10. I still remember the days that canonical used to ship free copies of ubuntu CDs all over the world. I got dozen of them and distributed in my friend circles. I'm personally proud to introduce ubuntu / linux to people who were struggling with malwares and bugs in Microsoft windows at that time.

Desktop Applications

Image Editor : Gimp 2

Media Player : VLC

Audio Editor : Audacity

Web Browser : Firefox

Browser Extensions, memory management and its open nature. These are the things that attracted me to firefox.

Extenstions :

API Testing : Postman

Torrent : Transmission

Git Client : Sublime Merge

I also use gitkraken for merge conflicts, but sublime-merge has sublime-text integration.

DB Viewer : Robo3T, DBeaver, MongoDB Compass

Terminal : Bash (Ubuntu default)

Yeah, dard background and green fonts !

Blogging : Jekyll

I've never used a simple static site generator like this one before. Many thanks to Github pages for the Jekyll integration.

Bulk Image Processing : Imagemagick

Resize, merge, combine and convert bulk images is a piece of cake with this.

Bulk Media Processing : ffmpeg

Slice, convert, re-encode, merge bulk media files in a faster and easier way.


Editors : Sublime Text 3, Vim

Font : Hack

Theme : Material Theme

Settings : See gist

Extensions : See gist

Tech Stack

Language : JavaScript, Go (still walking)

Platform : NodeJS

Database : MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

Framework : ExpressJS, React

Services : AWS (Lambda, S3, EC2), Google cloud services, Firebase, IBM watson, Stripe, Sendgrid


Music : Spotify

Video : YouTube

Notes : Google Keep

Analytics : Google Analytics

Web Hosting : AWS

Version Control : Github

File sharing : Google Drive

Spellings and grammer : Grammerly

DNS : Cloudflare

Calendar : Google Calendar

Mail : GMail

News Feed : Medium, HackerNews, Codrops

Photos : Instagram, 500px

Workflow : Teamwork

Communication : Slack

Static content hosting : Github Pages

Domain registration : Go Daddy

Hobby project hosting : Glitch

Package Manager : NPM, Yarn

Podcasts : Google Podcasts, NPR


Google Home Mini

Not a fan of virtual personal assistants, using this as a news-reader / speaker / calender / phone. Check this.

Redmi K20

Top to bottom AMOLED display, Triple camera setup, under the display fingerprint sensor, pop-up camera, 960fps Slo-mo video, Android 10, MIUI and much more, at a reasonable price. Why not then ?

Canon 1500D / 50mm f1.8

I am not a pro photographer, but I like to take pictures of moments that make me happy. This is a basic camera that I bought to learn and cherish my photography skills.

Mi Band 4

Sleep tracking and steps count, just in case if I need some motivation for a healthier life.

Syska WiFi bulb

Lazy enough to get up from the bed to switch off the bulb.

iBall Raga

Not so loud, but louder enough to make my room window glasses dance.

House of Marley - Smile Jamaica

I like the idea of making earphones out of pure wood.

JioFi 4

Because, its sleek and portable.

Raspberry Pi 2B

I have a couple of units with me. Using one of them as a media center that's connected to the TV.

NodeMCU v3

First MCU that comes to my mind whenever an IoT / electronic project idea pops up.

Desk Setup

Laptop / Keyboard / Mouse

Fish : Roger (Royal Blue Fighter)

Plant : Tansa (Lucky Bamboo)

Miniature couple

One bottle full of Red Lucky Seeds

Brushes, Pencils, Water colors and Sketchbook

Books :