Tools and gadgets of my choice

Last updated : 17/01/2021

I don't get queries about my work environment so often, but this is just in case if you want to know. Here are the tools, devices and services I use to get things done. These are not the best ones, but I personally feel these very comfortable. I consider this as my personal checklist too.


Machines : Dell Latitude 3400 (i7/16GB) for work, Macbook Air M2 for personal use

Keyboard & Mouse : Keychron K3 V2

Secondary Monitor : HP 24"


Operating System : Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for work OS X for personal use

I've been using ubuntu since version 10.10. I still remember the days that canonical used to ship free copies of ubuntu CDs all over the world. I got dozen of them and distributed in my friend circles.

Desktop Applications

Image Editor : Gimp 2

Media Player : VLC

Audio Editor : Audacity

Web Browser : Firefox

API Testing : Postman

Torrent : Transmission

Git Client : Sublime Merge

DB Viewer : Robo3T, DBeaver, MongoDB Compass

Terminal : Bash (Ubuntu default)

Yeah, black background and green fonts !

Blogging : Jekyll

I've never used a simple static site generator like this one before. Many thanks to Github Pages for the Jekyll integration.

Bulk Image Processing : Imagemagick

Resize, merge, combine and convert bulk images is a piece of cake with this.

Bulk Media Processing : ffmpeg

Slice, convert, re-encode, merge bulk media files in a faster and easier way.


Code Editor : VSCode

Font : Hack

Theme : Material Theme

Tech Stack

Language : JavaScript, Go (still walking)

Platform : NodeJS

Database : MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

Framework : ExpressJS, NestJS, NestJS, Angular, React(beginner)

Services : AWS, GCC, Firebase, IBM Watson, Stripe, Sendgrid



Google Home Mini

Not a fan of virtual personal assistants, using this as a news-reader / speaker / calender / phone. Check this.

Redmi K20

Why not ?

Canon 1500D / 50mm f1.8

I am not a pro photographer, but I like to take pictures of moments that makes me happy. This is a basic camera that I bought to learn and cherish my photography skills.

Mi Band 4

Sleep tracking and steps count, just in case if I need some motivation for a healthier life.

Syska WiFi bulb / Smitch WiFi bulb

Lazy enough to get up from the bed to switch off the bulb.

Raspberry Pi 2B

I have a couple of units with me. Using one of them as a media center that's connected to the TV.

NodeMCU v3

First MCU that comes to my mind whenever an IoT / electronic project idea pops up.

Amazon Kindle

I don't read a lot, but most of the books I need are available for kindle.

Desk Setup

Laptop / Keyboard / Mouse

Miniature couple

One bottle full of Red Lucky Seeds

Brushes, Pencils and Journals

Books :