All about the electrons I push, applications I write and things I hack

Eexpose realtime terminal outputs without sacrificing security.
BlackPipe is a simple tool to expose realtime terminal output...
Ace of spades
Multiplayer online card game.
Multiplayer online card game with flexible game support and c...
Statuz page module for backend status
This module helps users to get a glance of the server.
Things that makes you happy.
List of things that can drive you into hapiness
Google Assistant Commands
List of useful google assistant commands.
List of things you can do with your google assistant.
Hacker News - Reader
Simple hackernews feed reader
Minimal and simple feed UI for hackernews
Home automation and ambient lighting
Home automation and ambient lighting dashboard for Arduino an...
Family tree & contacts manager
Contact details, house details, relations and events manager ...
Nature inspired color palettes
Repository of color palettes picked up carefully, inspired fr...
Lets All Chef
Food marketplace and recipe ideas
It's a food service platform that suggests, orders and guides...
API documentation template
Easy to setup API documentation template using Jekyll and Sem...
Black Fire
NodeJS web application framework
NodeJS web app framework using Express, NodeJS and MongoDB. N...
Developer and designer resources.
Useful and genuine resources for developers added and maintai...
Jekyll blog template
Minimal and responsive jekyll powered website & blog template...
Wind Spinner
Emulation using OpenGL
Wind Spinner emulation in C language using OpenGL library.
Accademics re-imagined
Students, syllabus, previous year question papers, time-table...
Chain Reaction
Web clone of popular android game
Popular android game Chain Reaction written in HTML, CSS & JS.